Lisa McFadden Cockrell, R.N, BSN      Intoxicating Injections       602-777-1401

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Lisa has been performing cosmetic injectables for more than 20 years and is Certified as a Registered Nurse Injector by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


She relocated from Dallas to Phoenix in 2011 to begin traveling nationwide for the Peer-to-Peer Training Program for Galderma Aesthetics, teaching other medical professionals the proper techniques of cosmetic facial injectables.  She continues to teach for them and splits her time each month between her own practices in Phoenix and Kailua, Hawaii.



Dysport®   muscle relaxer - $3.50 per unit 


  • relaxes muscles of the upper face which produce wrinkles at the side of the eyes and forehead

  • similar to Botox® brand but begins showing results in 2-3 days vs 5-7 days with Botox® brand

  • allows some degree of soft expression if desired, while protecting the skin for up to 4 months 

Expressions treated

  • Crow’s feet around the sides of the eyes $105 - 210

  • Horizontal surprise lines of upper forehead $105 - 175

  • Furrow lines between the eyebrows $105 - 175



Restylane®   filler Injectables


  • first HA filler approved in the U.S. by the FDA for injections in the lips, similar to Juvederm®

  • creates natural looking contour that make lips pop with youthful pucker

  • restores and enhances volume to the cheeks and jawline

  • improvement is seen immediately after injections

  • improvement continues to evolve and soften over the following 4 weeks

  • results can please patients 6-12 months


  • Treatment to the lips typically start with one syringe =  $425

  • Treatment to the cheeks and jawline starts at $450 per syringe,

   the number of syringes depends on the amount of volume desired