"Our mission is not to be the biggest salon, but to be the most beautiful and ethical."  

Above all else, we value integrity.  We do this by maintaining the integrity of our partnerships, collaborations and product lines by choosing that which aligns with our values.  

We promise to always maintain the integrity of your hair, while producing the desired outcome.  We wish to posses and create radiance within and without.  Our hair and skin care products combine the radiance of nature, sustainability, and effectiveness to leave you glowing and healthy.  

Our healing practitioners are here to help.  Regular self-care is a priority to us, and we have created a beautiful and relaxing space for you to prioritize this as well.  We have all made a commitment to peace, and wish the exact same for you.  

We feel that the beauty industry heavily focuses on the outside.  We want to place an equal, if not stronger focus on the inside.  Our Spiritual Counseling philosophy is that we can teach you how to move beyond your ego self, through your higher self, and into your highest self.  Affordable counseling, coaching, meditations and wellness workshops are what sets us apart.  

Ash Copper is not just another salon.  It is a place to heal, to join a community, and to become your most beautiful, inside and out.